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Chris Rolinson BMus(Hons)  CertEd(Dist)  DipLCM  DipVCM(Hons)  PMEPTA  APRS

What my Students say...

As a youngster, you can probably remember that the best lessons you had, were those where you had an inspirational teacher.  

You can still remember those teachers today and recall the influence they had on your life.

It is my aim for you to feel like that about learning piano.

Why not have a look at what some of my students (and their parents!) say about learning with me?

"His approach to my “adult nerves” disappeared after one lesson and I've learnt with confidence and enjoyment.Chris is a talented, patient teacher who teaches at your own pace and to your own interests and most of all we have fun while we are doing it." 

Ms. J.A.B. (Solihull) - Consultant

“You’ve done wonders getting me to where I am now and you keep my interest and enthusiasm going, which is so important. Long may it continue!”

Mrs. L.S.(Solihull) - Retired Teacher

"I've learned more in 3 weeks than I thought I could ever learn!"

Mr. I.H. (Coleshill) - Company Director

"I have been learning jazz piano with Chris since January 2008… …his lessons are superb, always fun and after being classically trained by some really boring teachers, he has been a breath of fresh air."

Name withheld - Piano Teacher

"I restarted piano lessons after a 15 year break having learned for several years whilst at school. Chris's teaching has inspired me to continue playing and he has taught me more than all my previous teachers."

Dr. J.G. (Dickens Heath) - Consultant Paediatrician

"Chris's relaxed attitude towards the piano and his philosophy that playing should always be enjoyable make him an ideal teacher.I have learnt more in 6 weeks with Chris than I did in 12 months with my previous teacher."

Mr. D.C. (Solihull) - Transport Engineer

"I am so glad I decided to learn the piano under Chris's guidance - I am so pleased with what I can play after only a handful of lessons."

Mrs. L.K. (Wythall) - Housewife

"Chris is always extremely patient & despite his own obvious natural talent, possesses an empathy with his pupils which is second to none.  My son (aged 7) always looks forward to his lessons, which demonstrates Chris's relaxed, friendly, yet very productive style." 

Ms. S. H-F. (Olton) - Housewife & Mother

"My daughter (aged 7) has made a fantastic start to playing the piano. Within 3 weeks, Chris had taught her to read music and play simple tunes. He combines a light-hearted approach with a very structured approach to learning."  

Mrs. D.C. (Solihull) - IT Professional

"Chris has been teaching my 12 year old daughter and 7 year old son for many months now. His style of teaching is disciplined with humour. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris as an excellent music teacher."

Mr. J.S.S (Solihull) - Financial Director

"I came to Chris with the ambition of learning to play the piano from scratch and wanted to play a very difficult piece of music which was of a Diploma standard. Chris then proceeded to break the piece of music down into a simple piece and every few weeks developed it further. Over the next 3 years he got me to be able to play it! His ability to combine teaching with composing is a rare combination but is hugely valuable to students. I would highly recommend him for teaching people of all ages and ability." 

Mr. S.L. (Dickens Heath) - UK Banking Professional

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