Excuse my straightforwardness, but if you are reading this page on the site before looking at the rest of it, maybe I am not the right teacher for you.  

While I appreciate the need to compare prices (and finances are tight for us all), I make no apologies for being among the more expensive teachers in the area. 

As in other areas of life, you get what you pay for - please look at the “Learning Piano” page if you wish to read more about why I might be worth paying extra for.

Beginner youngsters usually start with 20 minute lessons and progress to 30 minutes as they gain knowledge and confidence. Adults start with 30 minute lessons but will often increase their times to 45 or 60 minutes weekly as proficiency grows and more time is needed for coaching and support.

I operate an "easy-pay" monthly payment scheme, with prices starting at £70 per month for 30 minute lessons.

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