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Chris Rolinson BMus(Hons)  CertEd(Dist)  DipLCM  DipVCM(Hons)  PMEPTA  APRS

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you still teaching during the pandemic?

A. Most definitely! The vast majority of students have lessons online very successfully - some have taken exams during this time with Distinction results every time so far.
It is different learning online, but you get used to it - a strong internet connection is always useful though. Some students now say they prefer online lessons - perhaps I might need to change my aftershave… 😀

Q. How much do you charge for lessons?

A. Please click here for details of my rates

Q. How long is a lesson?

A. Young beginners usually start with 20 minutes, with adult and more advanced students having 30 minute lessons and sometimes longer.

Q. What styles of music do you teach? 

A. All styles. My University degree is in classical music but I have spent a lot of my working career in the pop/rock field. Tell me what you would like to do and we can work towards that.

Q. What is a good age for an adult to start to learn the piano?

Frankly, any age. I have taught adults aged from 18-88  from scratch. Retired folk in particular are often surprised how well they can take to learning piano. 

Q. What is a good age for my child to start to learn the piano?

In my experience, around 7 is a good age. The piano is a full-size adult instrument and hands need to be “large enough” to cope with the notes. Also children’s understanding is more developed by this age, so progress tends to be quicker.

Q. What about Child Protection issues?

I possess a current and completely clean Enhanced DBS Disclosure certificate, which is on display in my teaching studio.  

Q. Can I drop my child off with you and come back later?

I am sorry, no.  I will not conduct a lesson with any person under the age of 16 without a parent or some other responsible adult present in the teaching room.  I prefer this to apply to under 18’s also.

Q. Can I take fortnightly lessons instead of weekly ones?

A. I do not offer fortnightly lessons - this is because 14 days is too long in between sessions when you may well have got into bad habits which then take too long to undo.

Q. How long will it take me before I'm any good? 

A. The only truthful answer it that it all depends on you! To learn how to play the piano well requires an enormous commitment.  Simply put, you won't get very far if you don't practise in-between lessons. 

Q. Will I HAVE to take examinations?

A. Definitely not, but I can suggest (and enter you for) appropriate examinations if you wish. These days, exams are available in all styles of piano, so you are not restricted to “classical” music.

Q. I already play another instrument. Will learning the piano interfere with that?

A. No, providing you have time to practise both. In this case, it may probably help more than hinder.  


Q. I have a question you haven’t answered here

A. Please click here and drop me an email and I will do my best to answer it.

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